Breathtaking facts about employing direct marketing in a business

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Marketing refers to the techniques a company will use to acquire new customers and maintain a good relationship with the existing ones. Marketing can involve many activities, and even the smallest tasks such as writing a small thank you card, returning customers’ calls promptly, or playing golf with prospective clients, can be thought of as marketing.


So, what is direct marketing?

Direct marketing generally occurs when business organizations address potential customers through a number of channels. Of course, a new customer is the most meaningful financial transaction you can make in a business set up. Hence, instead of worrying about the profit you’ll make on a unit sale, how about focusing on the annual worth of a new customer to you?


Who employs direct marketing?

Ranging from general retailers, credit card companies, non-profit organizations, and technology companies, just to mention a few, nearly every business requires some form of direct marketing. In 2010, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) reported that more than half of all expenses on advertisements went towards direct advertising.

When is direct marketing effective?

If you’re a responsive customer to direct mailing, you’ve probably opted for more mailing in the future. Such customers definitely express interest in a company’s products and seem to pay more attention to new products and sales. What’s more, apart from the opt-in customers, some companies make use of non-targeted blanket mailing which lands in many people’s mailboxes and email accounts. Despite a number getting frustrated with ‘junk mails,’ a number actually take note of the business branding alongside what they have to offer.


Perhaps you’re thinking about employing direct marketing in your business. That’s alright! Below is an effective checklist to an excellent direct marketing campaign:


• Set clear objectives and quantify them

• Define your primary and secondary target markets

• Set your budget

• Allow enough time to plan and execute

• Conclusion – Evaluate and analyze the validity of your plan.


Acting on feedback from a campaign can be essential for effective direct marketing. Keep in mind: poor direct marketing strategies only waste resources, has a low rate of returns and still annoys prospective customers. Hence, a business should consider hiring wise direct marketers.


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