Driving Future looks brighter

Cars and driving are a passion for many. They are equally fascinating for the drivers and the automobile people.
Driving Future

Just like any other sphere of life automobile companies are constantly looking forward for innovative measures to make the car sophisticated and quick to go. The automobile industry keeps advancing the cars on road to ensure safety, entertainment, usefulness and innovation. Some of the expected technological innovations expected to come on the road in the near future are as follows:


Vehicle to vehicle communication

Vehicle to vehicle communication

Car manufacturers are highly concerned with the security of the drivers. Security has been the top priority of all manufacturers. The ratio of car accidents is the highest as compared to those involving other modes of transport. In order to avoid any accident at the cross roads or the signals etc. the manufacturers are likely to introduce V2V technology. The technology will compromise of a wireless system sending signals communicating with the vehicle nearby about the location, speed and direction. This would help the drivers maintain the safe distance and avoid any encounter with the approaching vehicle. The MIT is working on V2V algorithms make the mechanism more elusive. According to a research conducted 2010, V2V is expected to reduce the rate of vehicle crash by 79%.

Self-driven vehicle

Self-driven vehicles Tesla

This is basically an idea adapted from many TV shows and fictions. The idea was tested by Google engineers in California and Navada. The cars were used for more than 200,000 miles. These cars are likely to record the images of roads along with computer generated maps exhibiting road signs, alternative routes, etc. the cars will detect the traffic signals and road signs much before the human driven cars can do so. With the help of lasers, radars and cameras the cars will be able to analyze and process information about the surroundings faster than a human driven vehicle.

The AR technology vehicles

Hyundai Showcasing AR Technology

GPS and in-car displays are a common technology innovation these days. They are not just ensuring proper navigation, but also protect against any unexpected. The same idea is being modified for future vehicles, namely, Augmented Reality Dashboards or AR. The innovation will bring all the external objects appear on the windshield, just before the driver. The idea has been taken from the sci-fi fiction where a robot scans and generates the details about the object or individual before him. The idea has been already considered by BMW. They added the feature of the windshield display in some of their vehicles which can bring the basic features before the driver. They now plan to add the Augmented Reality Dashboard will present the data close to real life in front of the driver.

Air balloon brake system

The air bag facility has added to the safety measures. They are already present in the vehicles, in the shape of curtain bags, side bags, knee airbags, seat belt airbags, etc. Mercedes is trying to add a more sophisticated version to their vehicles. They will be fitted with sensors to operate the bag. The bags are covered with a coat of friction coating to multiply the stopping power of the vehicle. The bags can raise the car to eight centimeters also.

Energy efficient body panels

Infiniti Vision GT 2 Concept

This technological innovation is likely to have polymer fiber and carbon resins. These panels will cut down the weight of the vehicle by 15% and will also capture the energy released while driving the vehicle. For example, the energy created while applying the brakes or when the car is not turned off the whole night.