Looking for A Graphic Designer for your Business, here are the Criteria you should look out for

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As a business owner, the essential tool to convert your audience into paying customers is communication. The saying “A picture is worth a Thousand Words” is a fact for life.


Do you know that not all graphics work which appears to be colorful communicates to the public? Therefore, the goal of the graphic artist is to convey to the audience the intention of a business continually while conjuring up beautiful artwork in the process. The communication must be uniform, such that a high percentage of the public gets a singular message which was intended by the author.


As a lot of individuals delve into the graphics business, looking for patronage from business owners eager to communicate to their audience. These are some of the criteria you should be very cautious to look out for when hiring a graphic designer:



A graphic designer gets better as he is exposed to a variety of graphics jobs over the cause of time. Experience would make him vast and very confident in delivering projects. Graphics designers who would come in very handy are those who have worked with Ad agencies or design studios. This is because they have had the opportunity to work with different clients, their experience is your advantage.

Understands the Brief, sticks to the Brief

One of the pain business owners may face usually is communicating their own ideas to the graphic designer. If the designer does not see through the lenses of the business owner, He/she may not portray the message the Business owner is trying to pass across. A designer must be able to brainstorm with the Client, get the accurate psychology, and follow the brand’s guidelines.

Ability to take Correction and criticism

Brands that create clear and concise messaging around what they do and how they do it are bound to win in the market. Crafting concise messages is therefore critical.

A designer that adheres to Ethical Principles

When choosing designers, being ethical is one of the factors that mustn’t be overlooked. Originality should not be lacking in a designer’s work. The designer must not steal other people’s work and repurpose it for something else, that spells laziness. I wouldn’t like other people to steal my designs.


A designer should have his online portfolio or gallery to impress clients or give them ideas for designs. You will consistently have your doubts that I’m good at designs except I show you some of my work of the work I have done in the past. A designer should keep a beautifully organized collection of projects across industries ranging from Logos to Flier’s to banners to colorful artwork. That is an art in its own and may be enough reason for the client to patronize the designer.


Did We miss any of the criteria? I guess not. If you suggest fair pricing, well that is entirely relative, but it might interest you to know that our remarkable communicative designs come at a very fair price. A price that would make you blush. You need professional and beautiful designs that would accurately sell your business to the audience without words. Also, if your business has no brand guideline, you need one for brand affinity and identification one that would portray your brand’s message.

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