Mogadishu airport’s technology

Mogadishu recently opened a new airport with brand new technology.

Given that the city is in Somalia, people have been understandably worried about going there in the past given the chaotic nature of the city. However, new security features are now in the airport that should set everyone’s mind at ease. Here are a few examples of the features and technology.

Mogadishu airport security now features more dogs.


Mogadishu airport security now features more dogs. These dogs can sniff out bombs that people might be hiding in their luggage. In the past, bombs that were carefully shielded inside of laptops have made their way through security. But with increased security and bomb-sniffing dogs, this is likely to be far less of a problem overall. The airport is basically reacting to the problem and seeking to rectify it given all of the attention and worry people have displayed in this area. One of the reasons for this improvement is through additional training courses officers at the airport are going through with their dogs.


Cargo Checks

Mogadishu airport security is also getting an increase in how often cargo is checked. A recent bill has made this possible. This way, there will be a higher chance of finding anything amiss in the airplane before it can become any kind of a serious problem. These checks will be increasing substantially according to various news sources.


Increased Screenings of Employees

As the possibility of employees sneaking something in becomes a problem, there will now be more security screenings in that area. It will become harder than ever to try to sneak anything on board an airplane that isn’t supposed to be there already. This will only serve to increase the security and safety of employees and passengers alike aboard planes.


As technology in Somalia Evolves

Mogadishu airport’s technology has also gone through a number of improvements. For example, money has recently been allocated in order to add a bull baggage scanner with a higher detection rate. Additionally, there’s now a high-tech walk-through metal detector in the airport as well when this wasn’t the case as much in the past. As a result, government revenue from the airport has increased substantially now that people feel considerably safer moving through it.



The government has even added troops from the African Union Mission in Somalia, also known as AMISOM. There are also troops from the Somali army and police units now in the airport as well as all of the other precautions.

All this is to say that Mogadishu airport’s technology is far safer than what people have come to expect from the area in the past. The safe control of the government is well established at least in this specific part of the region. Incidents that had people on high alert previously are likely to happen much less frequently now as the international community watches the airport and encourages them to steadily increase their capabilities. This should serve to ease the minds of everyone who needs to ride an airplane to the country or use it as a way stop to anywhere else in the region.